Subject matter is the most important part of the painting. I find it helpful if you have photos you have taken or seen of a subject you like. I will create a sketch using your photos and input. Together we will design your painting.

A NOTE ABOUT ABSTRACTS.....Sometimes people commission an abstract. Custom paintings are always welcomed. I enjoy that process. However, when an abstract is commissioned, the recipient of the painting must be actively involved with me in the process to ensure the painting is completed to your specifications. It is too difficult to assume what someone wants in an abstract without active participation by the individual receiving the painting.


Once you have approved the sketch I have created, then I will collect a $150 non-refundable deposit to order your custom-made canvas. By and large, the size of the canvas determines the price of the painting. This is something we will visit about as we talk about your subject matter above. Canvas depth is also a consideration. A 3/4 inch canvas is recommended for a painting that will be framed but a deeper depth of 1 1⁄2 inches is a good size for a painting that is to remain unframed.


I like to know the personality of the client I am painting for, so anything about yourself – music interests, favorite Bible verses, personality traits, your personal interests, favorite colors, description of the place the painting will be displayed, etc. – will be helpful in the way the painting is created. I like to write your Bible verse and/or key words on the canvas and then paint over it. Only you will know the verse is the foundation of your painting.


As the painting progresses, we must be in close contact with each other. Painting with a knife is different in that layers are thick and if you want to make a change on the painting, it will have to be done in a very timely manner or the layers of paint will become too dry to move.



Once the painting is complete, it is reviewed for your final approval. If you are happy with it, then the remainder of the balance will be paid in full.



The painting will take a couple weeks (or more) to dry enough to have a coat of pre-varnish applied before it is delivered or shipped to you. These details of delivery/shipping will be discussed with you.